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Birthdate:Dec 12
Location:Colorado, United States of America

Interests (75):

agnosticism, alternative hip hop, alternative history, american civil war, american west, archaic firearms, babbage engines, biting, blunderbusses, california redwoods, chai, chinese food, clockwork, coffee, colorado, colorado state university, computers, cooking, crowbars, difficult women, elgin cutlass, ex-christians, extra sharp cheddar cheese, extra slutty olive oil, fantasy, fatherhood, fault tolerant omelets, firefly, flintlocks, garlic, gin and tonics, good books, good scotch, grammar, graphic novels, guns, haibane renmei, improbable weapons, infinite repeaters, kissing, kuiper belt objects, liberty, megatokyo, military sci-fi, misappropriation of taxpayer money, misuse of apostrophe's, national public radio, noodles, pickled garlic, pinups, reciprocating repeater carbines, role-playing games, sake, science fiction, sex, soesterberg american high school, speculative fiction, steam powered automatons, steampunk, sternal clavicular notches, storage area networks, sushi, swords, tae kwon do, ten foot poles, thai food, the boondocks, undead hordes, unexpected topography, women, women with glasses, writing, writing well, your mom, zombies
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